Jeremy Callaghan Fansite
Jeremy Callaghan Fansite
Dedicated to the works of Australian Actor Jeremy Callaghan
Dedicated to the works of Australian Actor Jeremy Callaghan
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Jeremy Callaghan is a talented and gifted Australian actor with this
site dedicated to his acting career. Jeremy burst onto Australian
television back in October 1992 after completing a long
apprenticeship as an actor at the
Murdoch University, the Western
Australian Academy of Perfroming Arts, and further building his
credentials and reputation in the Perth theatres whilst undergoing
studies and developing his craft. Jeremy made many sacrifices
while working many jobs to pay his way through studies. He once
said that, "You don't choose to be an actor, acting chooses you."
Publicity Photo
Jeremy in Police Rescue 1993
Jeremy as a "Movember" fund raiser and
mens health advocate 2014
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